Body Paint 101 with Northern Belle Rogue & ArtistiCurves’ Jim McAvoy at Toronto ComiCon 2019

At their delightful 2019 Toronto ComiCon Q&A panel, Rogue Benjamin as ‘Northern Belle Rogue’ and Jim McAvoy of ArtistiCurves — having worked together since 2013 to create incredible works of art — explain cosplay body painting from both artist and model perspectives, and share their expertise on products, posing, tools and techniques.Rogue Benjamin is an actor, model, cosplayer, author and interpreter with a University of Toronto theatre HBA, years of stage combat training at Rapier Wit fight studio and an ASL-English Interpreting Program degree. As a sailor, she held the first mate position on 11 different ships in Toronto’s harbour. On November 28, 2018 Rogue published her first novel, “Willow’s Story.” She is affiliated with Northern Heroes — a charitable cosplaying organization.Jim McAvoy is ‘ArtistiCurves’ — a highly skilled body painter, art instructor and photographer who also works with prosthetics, latex and rubber — serving the Greater Toronto Area. He taught art for over 20 years, started exploring the body paint medium in 2011, and has since worked with numerous models, photographers, make up artists, hairstylists and fellow body painters.

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