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Infinity Gauntlet Panel with writer Jim Starlin, penciller George Perez and inker Joe Rubinstein

George Pérez, Jim Starlin and Joe Rubenstein — renowned comic book artists, writers and inkers who are well known for originating the Marvel Comics character Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet story arc — discuss their storied careers, share behind-the-scenes stories and answers fan questions at their standing-room-only 2019 Niagara Falls Comic Con Q&A panel. James […]

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Legendary Comic Writer & Editor Denny O’Neil (Batman, Green Arrow / Green Lantern) at Toronto ComiCon 2019

At Toronto ComiCon 2019, Canadian producer and writer Mark Askwith moderated this fascinating Q&A panel featuring legendary comics writer and editor Denny O’Neil — best-known for “Green Lantern / Green Arrow” and “Batman” with Neal Adams, “The Shadow” with Michael Kaluta and “The Question” with Denys Cowan — as he discussed his storied career, revealed […]

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