Chris Violette at Guelph GenreCon 2019

Chris Violette of Power Rangers SPD & Star Trek Discovery at Guelph GenreCon 2019

Chris Violette — best known for portraying ‘Blue Ranger Sky Tate’ on “Power Rangers S.P.D.” — shares behind-the-scenes stories and answers fan questions at his 2019 Guelph GenreCon Q&A panel.

Chris Violette (born May 29th, 1981) is a Canadian actor and former model who has appeared in numerous television series including “Queer as Folk,” “Show Me Yours,” “Wild Card,” “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Supergirl,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Bitten,” “Saving Hope,” “The Listener,” “Lost Girl,” “Flashpoint,” “Nikita,” “The Firm,” “Transporter: The Series” and “Private Eyes.” Some of his film credits include “Diary of the Dead” (2007), “The Riverbank” (2012), “Poker Night” (2013) and “Little Italy” (2018).

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