Cosplay and Social Media with Ivy Doomkitty, Danielle DeNicola, Karli Woods, Fenix Fatalist, Jillea and MCubed at Fan Expo Canada 2019

A panel of professional cosplayers — MCubed, Jillea, Fenix Fatalist, Danielle DeNicola, Karli Woods and Ivy Doomkitty who was unfortunately off-camera as a moderator — offer the inside scoop on mastering social media skills and growing your social media brand at their 2019 Fan Expo Canada Q&A panel in Toronto.
MCubed (Marla) — a DFW-based, but Houston born and raised, cosplayer and model with 4 years experience to date — is widely known for her movie accurate ‘Slave Leia’ and ‘Rey’ cosplays. Originally a theater major, she has been acting her whole life, so cosplay was a perfect transition from school to real life. Her other cosplays involve franchises including Star Wars, Spiderman, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to name a few.
Jillea is a cosplayer, host, songwriter and CSA Nominee from Quispamsis, New Brunswick who creates an urban-tinged pop that has a gentleness and vulnerability with a killer emotive voice. She won Slaight Music’s 2013 “It’s Your Shot” songwriting and artist development competition with her heart-wrenching rhythmic-ballad “Shattered.”
Fenix Fatalist (Maria) from Kiev, Ukraine has been cosplaying since age 15. She is an entrepreneur who founded FD Studio — a place to design and create costumes with her fellow cosplayers — and aspires to manage projects for game companies and become an official partner of the Blizzard Store. She hopes one day to work as a music artist and actor.
Danielle DeNicola is a cosplayer and Twitch partner with an intense love of video games and “Avatar: the Last Airbender” due to her early experiences with Halo LAN parties, Saturday morning cartoons and playing dress up. Her nerdy lifestyle and desire to be part of a like-minded community led her to cosplay in 2013, and she now employs several mediums to bring her favorite characters to life. Danielle bounces between intensive armor and simpler costumes depending on what fandom currently piques her interests — streaming most of her creations on Twitch.
Karli Woods is a Canadian cosplayer, content creator, designer, host and Twitch partner who travels to comic conventions around the world to host social media and cosplay panels. Her online content focuses mostly on DIY’s, reviews, travel vlogs, fashion, tech and lifestyle — all with a geeky and creepy flare partly inspired by her love of George Romero’s classic zombie films. She has a background in fashion business, television broadcast and videography, having worked in production on reality TV shows and ran an acting school for one of the top Modelling and Talent agencies in Toronto. A huge career highlight for Karli involves modelling as “Lilly Caul” — the main character of The Walking Dead novel: “Invasion.” However, over the last 7 years that Karli has been creating content online, she has also done editorial work with a large number of established brands including: Warner Brothers Canada, IMAX, Durex, Universal Music Canada, MUCH, Space Channel, Pizza Hut, Value Village, Family Channel, L’Oreal, eOne Films, The Walking Dead, iHeart Radio MMVA’s, LG Canada, Social Lite Vodka, Marcel City Cosmetics, Mercedes, Arda Wigs, Corby Spirit & Wine, Kigurumi and FanExpo.
Ivy Doomkitty, based in Los Angeles, is an international costumer/cosplayer, host, artist, gamer and published figure model for comic book artist/writer, Frank Cho who creates her own costumes, actively supports charities (as a member of the West Coast Avengers/Avengers Initiative) and encourages inclusivity regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, body shape/size, age, etc. She has quickly become highly sought after by conventions throughout the world, having been invited to write for, moderate and participate in panels, as well as judge and host costume contests. In fact, Ivy is the Cosplay Liaison and Manager of the costume contest at “Big Wow! Comicfest!” She was recently featured as a guest judge in several episodes of the Syfy Original Series “Heroes of Cosplay” and was a featured cosplayer in the webseries “Cospladies” — a short documentary on the trials, tribulations and love of cosplay. She has also interviewed incredible talent including the likes of Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, Arthur Suydam, Michael Golden and more!
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