Gotham – Robin Lord Taylor – Ottawa ComicCon Panel

Robin Lord Taylor from the hit FOX television show Gotham, discusses his experience making the show with a room full of fans at the 2017 Ottawa ComicCon. We like to thank the submitter who managed to record the entire panel while holding their cellphone up for so long. For this reason, please excuse the video quality and shakiness.

Taylor has appeared in several television series, such as The Walking Dead, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Good Wife and Person of Interest. He had a recurring role as “Darrell, the Late Show page with the fake British accent” on Late Show with David Letterman. He played Abernathy Darwin Dunlap in Accepted. He appeared in such independent films as Would You Rather, Cold Comes the Night, and Another Earth; the last of which won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

He was cast as Oswald Cobblepot in February 2014. His performance as Cobblepot has been described by Esquire as a “standout performance of the first episode […] disarming and multilayered”, by The Wall Street Journal as “a passionate performance … [who] “steals the show”, and as “spectacularly cast as the Penguin”.

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