Happy Upcoming Holidays, Plans For 2018

We wanted to wish our handful of followers from around the globe, happy holidays, and a great new year. We still have more than a dozen unpublished panels to put up, and hope to have the best ones up before 2018. With most of our costs coming out of our pockets, we are looking at different ways to grow this channel, including reviews, interviews and a weekly podcast. We welcome suggestions and encourage conversations. If you are able to help, please visit our Patreon page and either subscribe or donate. We have plans for 9 to 12 conventions in 2018 (depending on costs and timing), and any help is appreciated. If we can raise enough, we will be converting to 4K for our higher profile panels / conventions. We would like to also say a big THANK YOU to all the conventions who have welcomed us as media / press, and in some cases have given us exclusive access. – Rhyano

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