John Barrowman Going Commando at Catherine Tate’s Montreal Comiccon Panel

John Barrowman crashes Catherine Tate’s Q&A Panel at the 2018 Montreal Comiccon by outrageously “going commando” across the stage to the frenzied delight of a stunned audience.

John Barrowman (born March 11, 1967) is a Scottish-American actor, musical performer, dancer, singer, and TV presenter who has lived and worked both in the United Kingdom and the United States. He currently lives in the UK with long-term partner Scott Gill. He is most known for playing the character ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ on the BBC television series’ “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood.” John is also a famous musical actor and singer who has appeared in many musicals and television shows about musicals. He has also been a presenter for series such as “Live & Kicking.” Barrowan has a recurring role as ‘Malcolm Merlyn’ on the popular CW show “Arrow.”

Catherine Tate (born Catherine Ford on May 12, 1968) is an English comedian, actress, and writer. She has won numerous awards for her work on the sketch comedy series “The Catherine Tate Show” as well as being nominated for an International Emmy Award and seven BAFTA Awards. Following the success of “The Catherine Tate Show,” Tate played ‘Donna Noble’ in the 2006 Christmas special of “Doctor Who” and later reprised her role, becoming the Tenth Doctor’s regular companion for the fourth series in 2008. In 2011, she began a recurring role as ‘Nellie Bertram’ in the U.S. version of “The Office” and was a regular until the series ended. She now provides the voice of ‘Magica De Spell’ in the 2017 reboot of Disney’s “DuckTales” animated series.

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