“Kemurikusa” and “Kemono Friends” Producer Yoshitada Fukuhara Discusses the Anime Industry at Anime North 2019

Yoshitada Fukuhara — well known to anime fans as the Animation Producer of the smash-hit series “Kemono Friends” (2017-2019) and “Kemurikusa” (2019) — speaks about the current animation industry in Japan and working in an anime production house like YaoYoroz Co., and answers fan questions at his 2019 Toronto Anime North panel in Toronto.

Yoshitada Fukuhara (慶匡 福原), born June 18th, 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan, is an artist, Animation Producer, musician, scholar and graduate of the Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo. He is the acting President of Esther Seven Co., Ltd. — a Japanese animation and voice acting production company, a Director at Tsubasa Entertainment and Director of YaoYoroz Co., Ltd. Former Japanese street musician and current Pop star Ai Kawashima inspired college student Yoshitada to found “Tsubasa Records” which exposed him to music production, advertising agencies, marketing and Television. A close friend introduced him to anime to pull him out of his reclusiveness after his Father passed away, and his love of the medium eventually led him to produce the multi-award-winning, massive hit anime series “Kemono Friends” in 2017 — which has the highest viewed pilot in the history of the Nico Nico Douga streaming service — after working on animated shorts since 2013. In addition to his ever expanding portfolio including projects like “Otona no Bōguya-san” (2018), “Love Kome: We Love Rice” (2017), “Minarai Diva” (2014) “Straight Title Robot Anime” (2013) and “Tesagure! Bukatsumono Spin-off Purupurun Sharumu to Asobou” (2013), he is currently studying for his PhD at Tokyo’s Keio University doing research on the future of the Japanese animation industry.

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