Kiyono Yasuno of How to Raise a Boring Girlfirend at Anime North

Kiyono Yasuno — best known as the voice of ‘Megumi Kato’ in “How to Raise a Boring Girlfirend” — shares behind-the-scenes stories and answers fan questions at her 2018 Anime North Q&A panel in Toronto.

Kiyono Yasuno (Yasuno Kiyono), also known as Kiyono Mezawa (Mezawa Kiyono), born July 9th, 1989, is a prolific Japanese voice actress and singer from Miyagi Prefecture. She attended voice acting courses at the Avex Artist Academy. Her many anime credits include, but are not limited to, “Overlord” (2018), “Boku no Hero Academia” (2018), “Black Clover” (2017-2018), “March Comes in Like a Lion” (2016-2018), “Macross Delta” (2015), “Ushio & Tora” (2015), “Parasyte: The Maxim” (2014-2015), “Aikatsu! The Movie” (2015), “Pokémon” (2013-2014), “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun” (2014), “Hamatora” (2014), “Hunter x Hunter” (2013), “Chihayafuru” (2011-2013), “Bodacious Space Pirates” (2012) and “No. 6” (2011).

In 2016, Kiyono became part of the musical unit “Walküre” which performs songs for the anime series “Macross Delta.” She made her music debut in 2017 with the release of the mini-album “Namida”

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