Leonard Kirk, Ty Templeton & Adam Gorham (Supergirl, Batman, New Mutants) Niagara Falls Comic Con 2018

Leonard Kirk, Ty Templeton & Adam Gorham — talented, mostly Canadian comic industry artists who worked, and continue to work, on a plethora of popular and critically acclaimed series — deliver a wonderfully entertaining panel with hilariously funny, behind-the-scenes stories to delighted comics’ fans at the 2018 Niagara Falls Comic Con.

Leonard Kirk is an American-born comic book artist living in Canada. He has worked on such properties as Supergirl, JSA, Star Trek, Batman, and Witchblade. Currently, Kirk is exclusively signed with Marvel Comics.

Ty (Tyrone) Templeton is a Canadian comic book artist and writer who has drawn a number of mainstream titles, TV-associated titles, and his own series. He was a heavily favoured and multi-award-winning artist for several Batman-themed series including Batman 66, Batman and Robin Adventures, Batman Adventures and Batman: The Gotham Adventures. Templeton has also done exemplary work on titles such as Stig’s Inferno and The Simpsons.

Adam Gorham is a Canadian comic book artist for the Rocket and New Mutants: Dead Souls titles from Marvel Comics, as well as The Violent (Image Comics). He has also produced covers for Archie, Boom!, IDW, Titan and Valiant.

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