Lew Temple (Walking Dead, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) at 2019 Cornwall Pop Event

Lew Temple — best known for portraying ‘Locus Fender’ in the action film “Domino” (2005), ‘Cal’ the diner manager in the comedy-drama “Waitress” (2007) and ‘Axel’ in the third season of “The Walking Dead” (2012–13) — discusses his diverse career, reveals fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and answers fan questions at his 2019 C.A.P.E. (Cornwall Area Pop Event) Q&A panel.

Lew Temple (born October 2nd, 1967) is an American film actor from Texas with serious Baseball roots. He was the 1982 Baseball MVP at Rollins College from which he graduated in 1985, and soon after became a minor league bullpen catcher for the Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros. Temple scouted for the New York Mets in 1986 and went on to serve as Assistant Director of Minor League Operations and Scouting for the Astros until 1993.

Temple has had several film roles in the horror genre, appearing as ‘Adam Banjo’ in Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects” (2015), ‘Sheriff Winston’ “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Beginning” (2006), ‘Noel Kluggs’ in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” (2007), ‘Marv’ in “Trailer Park of Terror” (2008), ‘Pete’ in “House” (2008) and ‘Psycho-Head’ in Rob Zombie’s “31” (2016). His other film roles include a paramedic in the crime thriller “Déjà Vu” (2006), ‘Ned’ in the thriller “Unstoppable” (2010) and ‘Montgomery Blair,’ a member of Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet, in the movie “Saving Lincoln” (2012). Temple has been cast in numerous television series including Walker Texas Ranger, The Big Easy, CSI: Miami, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, Review, Longmire and Wicked City. He has also dabbled in voice acting on anime projects including “Martian Successor Nadesico” (1996–97), “Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040” (1998), “Gasaraki” (1998) and “Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Shadow War” (1999). In 2015, Temple received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Annual Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival. The award is given to a distinguished actor recognized for his continuing work in the industry of film and video.

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